Edwin Williams

From: International Monetary Fund
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 6:59 PM
To: xxxxxx
Subject: Your $3.5 Million Payment Through ATM MasterCard

From: International Monetary Fund [IMF]

Attn: Fund Owner!

This is Mr Edwin Williams, General Secretary of International Monetary Fund [IMF]. I write this letter to you based on our board of Directors
meeting held yesterday to release your unpaid through ATM MasterCard payment method and send it to your house to avoid anymore delay. We have converted your total fund of $3.5 Million to ATM MasterCard and its ready to be shipped, meanwhile you are advise to contact ATM PAYMENT CENTER Mr. Anthony Robert, for the Shipment.

Contact Mr. Anthony Robert via the following information below:

Mr. Anthony Robert
ATM MasterCard Payment.
FAX: +448719744576
E-mail: atm_cardcenter13@zbavitu.net

Do reconfirm the following information to Mr. Anthony Robert to avoid
wrong delivery:

Full Name_____________________
Home or Office Address:__________
ID If Available__________________

We told Mr. Anthony Robert that you will contact him soon for the shipment of your ATM MASTER CARD and you are advise to use the following code as Subject when contacting him: the code is (Imf-7710). Your ATM Pin-code will be given to you as soon as you contact him. Have a nice day.

Yours In Service
Mr Edwin Williams
IMF General Sec

Curt Maxwell

From: Rev Curt Maxwell
Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2013 5:09 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Orphanage & Humanitarian Projects

Dear Beloved,

Orphanage & Humanitarian Projects

May God be with you and richly bless you as you read this without prejudice. Amen!,
Before I proceed, I must first apologize for this unsolicited mail to you. I am aware that this is certainly not a conventional way of approach to establish a relationship of trust, but you will realize the need for my action. I got your contact information through the International Public Record WHO IS WHO` after I fasted and prayed to God for a reliable person who will carry out this project with me without running away with the donation.

I am Barrister Curt Maxwell based in London United Kingdom. I am also an Ordained Revened Father. To the Glory of God, I was privileged to be a close friend and confidant to a late Brother in Christ Bishop Peter Keith-Murray who worked tirelessly both in his private life and in the service of God in his lifetime before his divine call to Eternal Glory.

In all my association with this late brother and friend, this revelation, the object of this email was never made known to me because the Late Bishop Peter Keith-Murray  lived a very disciplined life. He was wealthy before he went into ministry and adequately provided for his family and also cared for people who were opportuned to come in close contact with him. However, shortly before his call to eternal Glory, he had summoned me to his sick bed and told me about a trust which he had made to be given out in the event that he died which he intended to be used for Charity, Orphanages and Widows or otherwise when he was gone. This he asked me to supervise, as a trusted friend for fear of subversion of his promise and pledge to God.

He then prayed for me and blessed me trusting that I would not subvert his pledge to God. Before he died, he told me that his wife was aware of the trust and that I will have to work with the wife to carry out his last wishes. Presently, I have already had a discussion concerning this trust fund with the Late Bishop Peter Keith-Murray’s wife and owing to her failing health, she has asked me to reach out to you concerning this matter and see how we can work out something together.

Before he died, he gave me information concerning the fund and what I was to do. With all due respect to him, I waited for the completion of the burial rites and mourning and other sundry matters concerning him before proceeding to reach you.
I have prayed concerning this issue for God’s guidance and I want to reach out to you and for us to arrange how we can work together to use this fund for  Charity, Orphanages and Widows or otherwise as the Late Bishop Peter Keith-Murray’s wished, Do get in touch with me for us to have a discussion more on how to proceed with this noble gift.
God bless you once again and as you receive, give God all the Glory.

Yours in the Lord,
Rev Curt Maxwell


Sent: Friday, March 29, 2013 5:32 AM
To: xxx@xxx.com
Subject: [SPAM]Attention please!!!

Attention please!!!

I’m Mrs, Maria Dossou I write to you regarding your $5.5USD which diplomat John William has arrive to deliver to you he is presently at your international airport reconfirm your delivery information to him to enable him complete delivery to you

Address in full______________________
Telephone no_____________________
International ID card_______________

To reach him over there in new york please: mrgodwinwilliam@hotmail.com, phone : 9402387813


Maureen Frank

—–Original Message—– From: Mrs. Maureen Frank
Sent: Friday, March 01, 2013 11:32 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: [SPAM]RE: Authentication On How To Credit Your Account With The Sum ofGB5,800,000.00?

 Barclays Bank PLC
1 Churchill Place
London, E14 5HP,
United Kingdom

Dear Customer,

I am in receipt of your mail, the information are well noted, read my
first mail

Meanwhile you are advised to contact Barrister John Alfred Bak an accredited
Attorney to Barclay Bank plc, He is the only Authorized Attorney that will
assist you to procure the Said Non Residential Clearance Certificate.

Note: that you are not going to pay any Bank charges/fee to Barclay’s Bank Plc
in other to receive your funds, because the payment instruction
receive from the
Offices concern is to pay you upon the receipt and confirmation of the None
Residential Clearance Certificate.

You are advice to contact Barrister John Alfred Bak with the details below,

Contact: Counsel John Alfred Bak.
E-mail: johnalfredbak@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: +44-703-596-9239
Fax: +44-871-218-5011

He will assist you to get the None Residential Clearance Certificate.

It will cost you ?280 to get the Clearance Certificate,
Barrister John Alfred
Bak is in position to tell you, kindly follow his advice in other to get the
clearance form and have your funds transferred to any account of your choice.

After you have the Non Residential Clearance Certificate, kindly forward it to
this office for immediate release of your funds.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Maureen Frank,
Head, International Banking Division,
Barclays Bank PLC, UK

Kofi Johnson

From: Johnson Kofi
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 6:42 PM
To: undisclosed recipients:
Subject: [SPAM]Raw AU Gold dust/Bullion
Dear Sir,
My name is Kofi Johnson from Ghana in West Africa. My father was a gold miner in the mining village of Ghana Tarkwa. Before his death last year, he kept 310 kilos of gold Bars and Dusts in stock. As the first Son of my father, I took in charge of my father’s business. I want to market the gold internationally and use the money carefully to upgrade our mining equipment’s.

My vision is to continue in the mining industry established by my father. My father acquired vast mining concession before his death, but some of the mining equipment’s in the field are old and outdated. My mission is to sell the available gold and use part of the money to purchase modern mining equipment to upgrade and enhance the collection of more gold.

To achieve this, I need an honest foreign partner who will help me to market the gold internationally so that I will use part of the money to purchase the equipment’s. I will be glad if such partner would like to go into partnership with me. Both of us can establish a Joint Venture Company and work on percentage level in the mining business.

If you are interested in this offer, please do let me know. I will send you all the necessary details you need to know about me and the gold. I am looking forward towards hearing from you.

Best Regards
Kofi Johnson

Rahman Yusef

From: Mr Rahman Yusef

English: may allah bless u

Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 3:55 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Investment

We are privately seeking means of expanding our company’s investment portfolio international and We will like to fund any of your viable projects.Our Group is willing to fund any of your business/projects with a soft loan, in form of debt financing.

If our offer is okay by you, please provide us with a comprehensive business plan for my investment team to review.

We are willing to sign an NDA provided our dealings are confidential with you.

Allah Bless

Mr Rahman Yusef

Goodness Obed

Sent: Monday, December 19, 2011 9:36 AM
To: undisclosed recipients:

DHL Express logo.

Attention:Please! ,

We have registered your ATM CARD of (US$550,000.00) with DHL Express Courier Company with registration code of (  011-827-8947 [Llamar: 011-827-8947]   ) to avoid expiry. We succeeded in registering Your ATM CARD with DHL Express Courier Company to ensure that they  complete delivery of your atm card this week or by next week Monday.What you have to do now is to contact them with the given information below:

Name of Dir: Edward J Nkoh .
DHL International Express Courier Company,Republic of Benin,West Africa States.
E-mail: dhl-service12@hotmail.com

Base on the charges involve for the delivery,we have paid for their Insurance & Delivery fee.The only fee you have to pay them is their Security only.Please indicate the registration Number of (  011-827-8947 [Llamar: 011-827-8947]   ) to them when contacting or calling them on the telephone.
Best Regards,
Mrs. Goodness Obed.