Craig Sephton

Sent: Saturday, December 14, 2013 7:30 PM
Subject: Important Information.

If you did not receive my previous , I am sending again.

See below:

You were listed as in our late client’s Last Will and Testaments. We
therefore wish to process this in your name. We expect you to
immediately confirm all necessary identification and details to enable
proceed. These include full names, scanned valid identification, contact numbers and
most recent .

Details of your inheritance will be released to you after being fully registered as
client with the firm to accord you full rights of beneficiary.

Thank you.

Craig Sephton QC
Deans Court Chambers
24 St. John Street
Manchester M3 4DF
DX: 718155 Manchester 3

This may contain any discussion of legal matters, hence should be
taken as an authoritative interpretation of the law.

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