Dave & Nancy Honeywell

From: Dave & Nancy Honeywell
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2013 12:45 AM
To: Recipient
Subject: **Christmas Donation To You***Christmas Donation To You

**On Feb.14.2013, My wife and I won $217 in the Virginia . However, we wish to officially inform you that we have donated $850,000.00 to your address, this being part of our Christmas Donation Project to financially support five(5) lucky individuals from different parts the world. read the articles below to view other notable donations by Dave & Nancy Honeywell;


For claims, send *Full Names:..,*:..,*Age:..,*Phone:..

Yours Faithfully,
Dave & Nancy Honeywell -(Virginia Powerball Winners)

25 thoughts on “Dave & Nancy Honeywell”

    1. I just got this two days ago it all looks reall but I'm sure it's a scam, but my emails never asked for anything personal did your

      1. I just got it also, but what got my attention, they asking me to pay 523.00 for shipping the check to the UK bank. Now you know something wrong with that.

    2. Interesting part of this whole scam is that Dave and Nancy Honeywell did actually win the Powerball for 217 million dollars…..Whoever is pulling this scam must either know and hate them or are just sick bas—-ds who want them to receive 9 million emails pertaining to the email that we all received. I also looked up their supposed attorney….there is no Jason Blake listed in the Tennessee Bar.

  1. I just received the exact same email…word for word! Why I keep getting these 'scams' I'll never know? Very disappointing!!!

  2. Received my email today. This is such a sick joke – especially if you're one who has been unemployed and scraping the barrel!

  3. Got mine today…
    a Virginia Powerball Winner … with a University of British Columbia email account ????
    about 3000 miles between the two… wow !

  4. What alot of lucky fives, our business got the e-mail this morning also. Hope no one is foolish enough to give out their info.

  5. I just received one too (I´m in Cali, Colombia-South America). What a joke!!! I can´t believe there are people stupid enough to fall for these scams. BEWARE!!!!

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