Gillian & Adrian Bayford

From: Gillian & Adrian Bayford
Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2013 4:00 PM
To: Recipients
Subject: []winner..winner..!!
My wife and I won the Euro Millions & will be donating £1.5 Pounds to you in our ongoing lucky draws donations. get back to with your Name, Age, Tel, and i will send you more details how your funds will be sent to you.
Please read the –
Gillian & Adrian Bayford


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  1. Recieved 2 of these emails today.What a joke.Even had a link to a newspaper site to verify that they actually did win the lottery.Not sure what countries these "people have tried this scam in but it is now in Canada.Kind of takes the joy out of winning for the real winnes.

    1. I got one of these sent to my phone! and I called them! and they sounded like normal people! they answered and said, hello?? and I said umm. yeah. I just got a text saying I won a lot of money!? and they are like yeah send this info to this e-mail!? THEY SENT IT TO MY CELL PHONE?! HOW THE HELL DID THEY GET THAT?!

  2. Got one at my work email…responded back thinking it would end. Got another reply letter….Pretty Bold I think as my work email is at the Police Station, Robbery Homicide Division…. Maybe I really did win……Not!

  3. I've received multiple emails at work and the scary part about is that I work for the United States government. These people really are gutsy.

  4. It is now in the US. I received one this morning and immediately thought I’d do some research on the lottery winners. Yes, it is scary because you wonder how they got your email adresse. Il ne faut confier des informations personnelles a n’importe qui.

  5. Got one of these e-mail today myself. I am a firm believer in that old saying… if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. I am sure that this nice couple can fine someone who needs the money more that me.

    God bless them and I truly hope that they use their new fortune to improve the lives of others.

    1. Just ignore it, I also have received the same, hopefully I have blocked them from my computer, everyone cannot be wrong on here ????????????????????????

  6. I got one and followed through just to see what, but I did my research first and I responded with old information. They didn't catch the bad info cause they sent the wire transfer form to me asking for $640.00 transfer fee. All this came from the Citibank of Ukraine, ha ha.

  7. I just received this email yesterday….
    but then I sent again today to real Gillian and Adrian Bayford’s email id.
    wait for their response tommorow.

  8. Hello everybody! I also got this e-mail from them to make my life happier. They've sent me a transfer via CITIBANK UKRAINE. Is it a scam how do you think??? What happens if I ask them to send me this money via Western Union??? Will I get in troubles too??? Thank you…

  9. Just received a reply , even after calling them scammers , they nonchalantly say they understand and then give a link to information of their Euro Million Jackpot

    reply Address for this BS artist is

    and he just wants your Full Name , Address , Phone Number and Country Nationality

  10. I just got this email and i am in Germany:

    I and my wife won £148.6 Million Pounds last year, and we have done lot of charity donation, so we decide to give 1.5Million Pounds each to 5 lucky people this 2013, lucky for you, your email, was given to us by google managment as one of our lucky receipants.
    For verification process see below
    Send Name, Country, Age, Occupation and Phone Number for details
    Congratulations & Happy Celebrations in Advance,
    Gillian and Adrian Bayford

  11. I also got this email in the U.S. I messaged them and they told me to wait for an email from Citibank Ukraine AND they urge me to follow the banks instructions. I would never give my personal info out.

  12. London and Northern Ireland too.
    It's funny I've been dealing with them until now, I saw it was suspicious even before looking up on the internet if it is scam or not. They asked for my name age nationality and the country where I live I told them my age and country as it is just a name and then they sent me another email telling me that they've just made a cheque in my name and I didn't even tell them my name.

  13. I received an email from Gillian and Adrian Bayford. My wife and I won the biggest Euro Millions lottery prize of £148 Milliom….the want to my Full Name:
    Scan copy of identification

  14. yes! scammer operate from different countries, i was a victim of this because i didnt make a research i trust with the email address of bayford. after sending $810 USD. adress to western union and the receiver"s name was ANNA YURIE from RUSSIA at first they address it to a certain STEPHAN SANDRA UKRAINE they ask again show money they involve The INTERNATIONAL MONITARY FUND. using the logo of IMF. and the amount they asked is $4,600… but i never send them because i noticed that is is already FRAUD. the show money they asked me is adress to SOUTH AFRICA again…Beware of Scammer…They will use the name of GOD.

  15. Usted está recibiendo este correo electrónico correspondencia del Sr. Vladimir James, Contralor y Director de Contabilidad de JSCB Citibank Ucrania.

    JSCB Citibank Ucrania se esfuerza constantemente para satisfacer sus necesidades en alta mar y la banca y las inversiones internacionales, y cuando se une a nuestra organización, estás haciendo un compromiso que merece recompensa, ya que contamos con acceso a una gran variedad de servicios y productos, y una fusión relación específica.

    Sus datos fueron enviados a nosotros por la dirección de Shoo-herreros bufete de abogados en nombre de Gillian y Adrian Familia Bayford los ganadores de la lotería Euro Millones, que se declara como beneficiario de buena fe de su donación de caridad en curso.

    A fin de confirmar la identidad de los organizadores de esta donación de caridad y para confirmar otra organización de caridad que se han beneficiado y ha recibido sus fondos de donación, por favor ver la página web siguiente:£148-6m-euromi

    JSCB Citibank Ucrania presente oficialmente informarle de que su cheque válido para 1,500,000.00 GBP = 2,328,241.57 USD se encuentra actualmente en posesión de nuestro banco y como ha sido depositado en nosotros como un giro bancario internacional por el Gillian Y Adrian Bayford. Familia, los ganadores de la lotería Euro Millones.

    De acuerdo con las normas europeas de la Autoridad de Servicios Financieros y reglamentos de las cuentas y las grandes transferencias, los clientes internacionales deben emplear los servicios de un banco intermediario, que será responsable de la limpieza de su Cheque aquí en Europa antes de que los fondos en efectivo se pueden transferir al país de destino .

    Este es el papel JSCB Citibank Ucrania han sido autorizados para jugar y esperamos que nos proporcione los detalles a continuación para que podamos transferir y / o alambre de sus fondos a su cuenta bancaria operativa en su país.

    Paso 1:
    llenar el formulario

    * NOMBRE:
    * Apellido:
    * SEXO:
    * Dirección:
    * CIUDAD:
    * ESTADO:
    * Código Postal:
    * País:
    * NO MOBILE:
    * FAX CASO:

    Paso 2:
    * Dirección del banco:
    * Números de cuenta:

    Sus fondos que asciende a 1.500.000,00 GBP = $ 2,328,241.57 USD será acreditado a su cuenta bancaria operativa dentro de 2-3 días laborables después de la transferencia.

    NOTA: Si no desea enviar los datos mencionados, debido a razones más conocidas para usted, su validez cheque del banco puede ser enviado a su dirección de entrega a través de mensajería, pero usted será responsable del honorario de entrega de mensajería como cuota de entrega deberá efectuarse antes del el envío se realiza. Se adjunta a este correo electrónico es la Palabra ID-Card de su Oficial de Cuenta a cargo de su traslado.

    Gracias por su tiempo y esperamos que el éxito de la transferencia de sus fondos.

    Atentamente en el servicio,
    Vladimir James (Mr.)
    Contable jefe (Local/Exterior)
    Unidad de Banca Internacional,
    JSCB Citibank Ucrania..

  16. Just got this scam by text message too, it seems all too plausible, right up until you ask Google whether it’s a scam!

  17. I just received one as well but I responded with my info. Now what will happen???? I think I fucked up :-/

  18. hi,i get the same mail from GILLIAN.ADRIAN.112@HOTMAIL.CO.UK.,I SENT THEM A RESPONSE THAT I NEED THE 1 Million pfound,after thex send me a mail,and they demand to give my -name-adress-age-nationality-occupation-sex-residence country-phone number-,i have think i am the happy who will get this donation,but i search at Google and i see all this comments!!super,all is a miserable jok and for what,to get my personnel Identity..i get at last this adress:
    Mrs Julia Parker
    TEL: +447452041897
    EMAIL :
    25, Caravelle Street Newton Park,
    Walmer London, United Kingdom.

  19. Dear Beneficiary,

    This is to acknowledge the receipt of email and that we are pleased with your reliability in the utilization of this donation. So therefore, On behalf of my lovely wife and family, I am happy to inform you that we have finally informed our authorized payout bank, where the donation funds is been lodged (COUTTS & CO, UK PRIVATE BANK),to transfer the sum of £1,000,000.00 (One Million Great Britain Pounds Sterling) only to you.

    You are to contact the Foreign Transfer Operational Office, immediately with their contact details as stated below to discuss the cost of transferring the funds to you.

    440 Strand, London WC2R 0QS, United Kingdom.
    Foreign Transfer Director
    Contact Person: Mr. David Fell
    Tel: +44 744 812 8408
    Contact Email:

    Please note that upon your contact with Mr. David Fell you are to provide him with this Donation Code Number[BAYXAG/003/2013DBD] for confirmation that you are the genuine beneficiary and should be kept strictly confidential as you will use it in receiving your donation. Kindly provide him with this Donation Code Number with the following details as stated below:


    Please remember that the objective of this donation scheme is for you to make a notable change in the standard of living of yourself and the less privileged people around you.

    Kindly be informed that the International Gaming Association is monitoring this whole process to avoid double claims. This is due to beneficiary's informing close friends relatives, attorneys and third parties about their winnings. As a result, these close friends, relatives, attorneys and third parties tried to claim the donation sum on behalf of the real recipients thereby causing problems for the payout bank.

    So you are hereby advised to keep your information's strictly confidential until the money is been transfer to your bank account. Please endeavor to keep us fully informed on all developments with the payout bank so that we can also monitor the transfer process as you will be required to signed and return a feedback Certificate as required by the International Gaming Association for documentation, stating that you have successfully received the donation.

    Your follow up and full cooperation is highly anticipated.

    Best Regards,

    Adrian And Gillian Bayford. I live in Australia.

    1. I received this one on my phone two days ago I can’t believe it because I received the one saying they used Citibank Ukraine in July I can’t believe they sent me two emails on my phone.The first one I sent them my information then I saw that it was a scam this time I sent them an email and said you already sent me one email and it was a scam and if you can’t prove that this is real don’t email me anymore cause I m tired of being scammed.

  20. I received this email today in my email,i responded to this email only to ask questions about the money that suppose to be given to me and what i need to do to receive this money,i'm waiting on their response.When i do i will post here.But here is the email i did receive today

    My wife and i won £148.6 Million Pounds last year, and we have done lot of charity donation, so we decide to give 1.5Million Pounds each to 5 lucky people this June 2013, lucky for you, your email, was given to us by google managment as one of our lucky receipants.

    For verification process see below
    Please read the article –

    Send Name, Country, Age, Occupation and Phone Number for details

    Congratulations & Happy Celebrations in Advance,
    Gillian and Adrian Bayford

  21. we copped this one too :( :@, it is really bad when they are more than happy to try and rip off a dad on a disability pension who is so desperate and out of of hope to get his kids back from the government and stop them forcing him to adopt them out, that he got half way through this bull pie – his statement – thank god for pessimistic wives !!! lol : ) . we will be sending all the info to our instant link with Interpol internet fraud department – they can take it from there – thanks everyone !! : )
    location – Sydney

  22. This scam keeps on going and going. They even use now a real business address/info (Interlink Express LTD).I received it 2 x , this time a Pastor Daniel Gabriel is in charge . What a shame, because some people will pay the amount to get the check.

  23. Yo he recibido unos de estos mensajes y yo conteste lo siguiente:Señor y Señora Bayford, soy una persona de escasos recursos económicos, no pierdo en realidad nada en creer en su buena voluntad conmigo.
    pero en mi pais existen mucha gente pobre pueden organizar o crear una asociacion para apoyo a personas pobres de mi pais.
    Si les comento algo, estas personas pueden ser ten buenas, que si siguen donando su dinero van a quedar sin ningun centavo, debido a que este correo se lo envian a miles de personas a traves de sus correo.

  24. Good day

    I have also received 2 mails as follows;

    Mail 1
    I hope this information meet you well as I know you will be curious to know why/how I selected you to receive a cash sum of $500,000.00 USD , our information below is 100% legitimate, please see the link below:

    This is a personal email directed to you. My wife and I won the Euro Millions Jackpot Lottery of £148million (Pounds) on August 10, 2012 and we just commenced our Charity Donation and we will be giving out a cash donation of $500,000.00 USD to five(12)lucky individuals and ten(10)charity organizations from any part of the world. Your email address was submitted to my wife and I by the LinkedIn Management Team and you received this email because we have listed you as one of the lucky winners.

    To facilitate the payment process of the funds ($500,000.00 USD ) which have been donated solely to you, you are to send us your full names for payment, your contact address and your personal telephone number, so that i can forward your payment information to you immediately. I am hoping that you will be able to use the money wisely and judiciously over there in your country. please have to do your part to also alleviate the level of poverty in your region, help as many you can help once you have this money in your personal account because that is the only objective of donating this money to you in the first place.

    I like to re-assure you of the legitimacy of this services as we will not be involved in any fraudulent act and will never be, we only want to feel good by helping people this time of the year, this is the only thing that makes my wife happy too, we have too much to give away as I only have few years left on earth. I will advise as you as the prospective lucky winners to be calm not to lose this great opportunity which millions of people are trying to entangled but the chances just couldn’t come for them because a lot of people are out there to discourage them as they don’t know how it works, and have never seen such before.Please you have to delete this message if you are not willing to carry out this project.

    Thank you for accepting our offer, we are indeed grateful.
    God bless you

    Congratulations& Happy Celebrations in Advance,

    Adrian and Gillian Bayford

    Mail 2

    How are you doing? I have already issued a letter of authority to my finance firm regarding us appointing you as our beneficiary and you are now the sole and sole beneficiary to this fund totaling $500,000.00 USD for you and your family. As i told you in my previous email, I said we prayed and searched over the internet for assistance because I saw your profile on Linkedin owners list and picked you. sometimes it will be difficult for me to be on the Internet and send messages to you but do send me messages any time and my prayer and blessings is with you and also as soon as the funds get to you please let me know.

    The contact details and email of our finance firm is below and you have to contact them immediately via email write Sir. Gregory Nelson on as I have already issued the authority to them and they will be expecting to hear from you so that they can arrange on how the funds will be transferred to your personal account via an online bank to bank wire system, You have to provide them with every assistance the bank will need to effect the transfer to enable the funds released to you without delay. I want you to contact the finance firm stating only my deposit File No: Reference: ALB/AVL2012/28392/UK and your full name. For easy trace of my file.

    Note that you “MUST” first open a new online paying bank account with our paying finance group before your $500,000.00 USD will be paid to the new online bank account so you can have an open/secured access to your new bank account online and then information will also be provided on how you can personally transfer your £1,000,000.00 GBP to your local account within 24 hours without providing your personal bank account information to anyone, if you follow the instructions from our finance firm directly within the next three (3) working days you will have this funds transferred to your account and available for use.

    Address and contact email of my bank branch and head office blow:

    Alliance & Leicester International Bank Limited,
    Contact Person: Sir Gregory Nelson
    Bank Address: 19/21 Prospect Hill Douglas,
    Isle of Man,IM99 1RY
    British Isles,United kingdom
    Tel:+44 871 284 8402
    fax :+44 208 626 7408
    Bank Email Address:

    PLEASE NOTE THAT: The agreement/contract signed with the Alliance & Leicester International Bank Limited GROUP London, United Kingdom for online transfers of the funds states that whoever is authorized to receive the funds will complete it through the use of an online account that must be opened by the new customer, therefore note that your contact with the Alliance & Leicester International Bank Limited GROUP London will involve the opening of a new online bank account in your name which they will automatically credit the deposit of your $500,000.00 USD into the new account then you would have to go transfer your funds online yourself from your house accessing through their online database to any other account anywhere in the world. That is Alliance & Leicester International Bank Limited Electronic Online – Banking policy so you should be ready to open an account with them upon your contact.

    I wish you and your family the timeless treasures of Christ, the warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends. Good luck

    Adrian and Gillian Bayford

  25. My wife and I are very happy to hear from you because we believe this is a life time opportunity for you and your family, which was why we had to make sure our interview is put on the internet for the world to see to definitely prove to you that you are in the right hands.
    You can view the Web-link and also YouTube interview below to see how excited and happy we were when we knew about our winnings ,we hope we can also bring such happiness and excitement to you and your family and also hope you help the poor in your area and contribute also to the charity: (Preview)

    My wife and I have been taking care of the needs of our immediate family members, and we believe now is the right time to make some other people millionaires too.

    We also want to launch a scholarship fund, and will donate to charity, particularly those supporting adoption, However, since we won the Euro Millions Lottery, my wife and I have received hundreds of letters and emails from people from different parts of the world begging us for money and financial assistance and we have been doing our best, but the truth remains that we can not help everybody.

    However, since we won the Euro Millions Lottery, my wife and I have been investing ahead of the future , as we just bought some houses in London, and also in Ukraine but we are on vacation in Ukraine because my wife mother is from there, so we are spending sometime there before ours second Honey Moon which will be next month in the Bahamas, but nevertheless, I have already issued a valid cheque for £800,000.00 GBP which is equivalent to $1,216,846.91 USD in your name but your cheque has been deposited with Citi Bank Ukraine as an international bank draft.

    We know this may come as a big surprise to you but It will interest you to know that your email address was selected alongside other one( 41) lucky email addresses out of thousands of internet users worldwide, your email address was the second email address, so you see how lucky , as we only decide to give out £800,000.00 GBP only to two (2) individual globally, and your email address was the second email address, you are indeed a lucky person.

    Mr Derrick email address was our second email address and just this Friday he we received a call from him that he has received his donated funds, Mr. Derrick who reside in South Africa was so happy when he called us and he made mention that he will love to pay us a visit, though he was a little scared and afraid as a result of different scams going on in the internet today, but he made up his mind, he trusted us and he followed the bank's instructions, which facilitated to the safe transfer of the funds which we donated to him and his family, you can get in touch with Mr Derrick through his private email address: for you to confirm from him.

    However we are very happy and proud to help you and your family and we also suggest that you may also get in touch with the bank on ( for the disbursement of your fund,

    This may sound like a joke or a hoax but please have no doubt as it is 100% real, hence we expect you to write to our Pay-Out Bank ( JSCB Citibank Ukraine ).

    My wife and I humbly urge you to co-operate with our payout bank, Citibank Ukraine in other to enhance a smooth and successful transfer of the funds which we donate to you. you can also find below the contact information of the payout bank ( Citibank Ukraine )

    Contact Details Of Citibank Ukraine
    Chief Accounting Officer :
    Mr Brown Jeffery

    Mind you we are not going to publicize this donation , due to security reason's which will solemnly believe is of the best interest of you and my wife including my family as well.
    We love you and your family.
    Kind Regards,
    Gareth and Catherine Bull

    Just received this one is this true or a nother bloody scam ;-)


  27. I got this at my work email today!! The nerve of some folk. Get real jobs and leave us hard working folk alone!!!

  28. I got this SCAM to in the email "Adrian And Gillian Bayford" 3..
    "Dear Friend,

    This is a personal email directed to you. I and my lovely wife won a Euro Millions Jackpot Lottery of 148 million pounds in August last year. We have decided to donate the sum of 1,000,000.00 (One Million Pounds)to you as part of our own charity project to improve the life of 5 lucky individuals all over the world. All you have to do is reply to this email for more information.

    To verify the genuineness of this email please visit:

    Awaiting your urgent response.


    Adrian And Gillian Bayford
    the web address to the news article of the real $$$$$ winners… does not
    I am deeply deeply saddened….

    IFF it had been real it could have made ALL the difference in the world to me and those I care about……… ;;;_;;; :(

  29. This is what I got about an
    Hour ago

    My wife and i won 148million pounds in Euromillion jackpot lottery august last year and we decide to give out 1.5million pounds globally to 5recipient , as the Google Management sent us your email yesterday as our second recipient. Please get back to us with your Name, Age, Tel, Country. Please read the article –

  30. i received this mail to,so i thought why not search this people on facebook,and what is the case,there are 4 different facebook pages,and they answer when you ask them something,it s a sad thing

  31. I got one today and looking at the grammar there are one or two clues that are written like Nigerian who has limited English

  32. I am in Indonesia and got the email (Gillian and Andrian Bayford) 2 days ago :

    My wife and I are very happy to hear from you because we believe this is a life time opportunity for you and your family, which was why we had to make sure our interview is put on the Internet for the world to see.

    For verification, you can view the below guardian news link

    We plan to take care of the needs of our immediate family members and make some of our friends millionaires because we believe in making others comfortable and happy like us.

    My wife and I have decided to assist the local fire department, the Red Cross, Haiti, some hospitals majorly involved in cancer treatment, and some other charity organizations in Africa, Asia and Europe that fight cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes.

    However, since we won the Euro Millions Lottery, my wife and I have been investing ahead of the future, as we just bought a house at London and Portugal .

    One amazing incident happened this morning because I got an email from one of the beneficiaries who lives in Spain, Mr Derrick thanking my wife and I for the cash donation to him and his family.

    This kind of emails we receive from our beneficiaries gives my wife and I much joy and we are really happy for you, being one of our beneficiaries.

    Mr Derrick told us that he received his own funds last Friday, though he was a little scared and afraid as a result of different scams going on in the internet today, but he made up his mind, he trusted us and he followed the bank's instructions, which facilitated to the safe transfer of the funds which we donated to him and his family.

    I have submitted your Name, Email Address and your Mobile Number to our pay-out bank (Piraeus Bank )and the bank's funds transfer department will send you an email to facilitate the disbursement process of the funds £1,500,000.00 GBP which was donated to you, but you are to contact the Piraeus Bank First before they might contact you for safety.

    My wife and I humbly urge you to cooperate with our payout bank, Piraeus Bank in other to enhance a smooth and successful transfer of the funds which we donated to you because you are our only beneficiary who has not yet received his donation money, so make contact with the Piraeus Bankonce you receive this email, and ask for details on how to receive your funds from my wife and i.

    We are very happy and proud to help you and your family and you are advice that you get in touch with the bank on( for the disbursement of your funds.

    Contact Details Of Piraeus Bank
    Chief Accounting Officer : Mr Shaw Kelly

    Contact the Piraeus Bank immediately so that they can have your funds transfer to your account.
    We love you and your family.

    Kind Regards,
    Gillian and Adrian Bayford

  33. I recieved this email today too and I replied to them. After that in about 1hr I received the replied and asked for my Age, Name and Country. I don"t know whether I should provide them my detail. Have anyone ever received this kind of cash winning at the end of the day?

  34. I'm in mexico and received the email too. What a joke! If you are smart people, think how come they got your email address!? This bloody afrikans don't stop! All is part of the 419 scam. Do your own surveyand you'll be surprised. Have a nice day!

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