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—–Original Message—– From: Adrian and Gillian Bayford Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2013 2:22 AM To: undisclosed-recipients:

This is a personal directed to you. I am Adrian Bayford,I and my
wife won a Jackpot of 148 pounds  in the latest
Euromillion Lottery result that was announced recently. If you get this
mail, I
want you to consider yourself lucky.Kindly provide the requried details of
yours for claims(click reply )





We await your response in this regards

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  1. i gave all my money for nothng. i have 20 til my next disability check is may 3. i dont know what to do now.

  2. I am really concerned that these scam artist can get away with this crap! the young lady Susan was taken for all her disability!

  3. I received a email as well! My first assumption was scam! I looked them up and foud that there is a real Bayford family who won the lottery for $150 million! Until I read this I was going to go through with it! it seems legit.

  4. I was sent an email just last week. I responded as the only number requested that I hesitated giving was our phone number. This morning I received an email from a Dr. Wyatt Benjamin requesting a legal document proving identity. There has been no request for money. I was so hoping, as I am sure everyone is, that this was legit. Now I hesitate sending this info.

  5. I also received this email, twice. One the first day and another one with a pdf file attached on the next day. Nothing but BS. They must think we're really desperate and stupid. For all of you people out there that receive anything in the mail or emailed to you from someone you don't know saying they're going to bless you with money, throw it in your trash and thank your LUCKY STARS that you are not buying into it. As Publishers Clearing House always says, they don't contact you directly by phone, email or mail if you are really a true recipient of money. So don't be fooled. Let the joke be on them and not you.

  6. i was selected by Mr Adrian Bayford to claim the sum of 800,000.00 on is donation i am so happy now i have claim the money so please Adrian Bayford is legit

  7. I wish this was true but I do believe that its not going to be true if it was I would
    Not be here emailing my coment I be really blessed. If I did win. For my first t

  8. I received that email 2 days ago, I was hesitant on it at first. But I also looked up the winnings to the Bayford family and actually read the article. So I responded to the email with my name and number. I recived a phone call this morning from someone in india saying his name was Vijay Kumar and asked if I would be sending out $180 for the company to deliver the check to my house but it would have to sent thru money gram or western union. I received another email with instructions on who to send the funds to but the receiver name was Pavel Micheal. Its unbelievable how far they would go

  9. This is absolutely disgusting….how can people take advantage of others this way? We just had a huge flood in Calgary Alberta Canada, and my 27yr old daughter works all day, then goes and helps the ones that lost their homes clean up and try to salvage pictures and irreplaceble things ! Thank God I raised her right….this is what people should do for each other….not rip people off. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND !! And we know where these people are going…..HELL. …….GOD BLESS anyone who lost money, if I could help any of you I would…Kate

  10. I don't know how these people get our addresses !! I have just had a letter just now , and immediately looked the name up on Google and here I am …. I have always believed you don't get something for nothing …. I am so sorry that so many people have been duped .

  11. I just received the same e-mail from these people but I am a bit more cautious these days due to the scams people are willing to put on the internet. I did see that there was a link and did do my research and they won 148,656,000. That is what I saw. But then at the top of the newspaper site… : it said tomorrow's date. :How can a news paper site that was posted in August 2012 be dated for tomorrow's date? also, all the information they are asking describes everything about me practically! There is no was I'm willing to give all my personal information to a person that is hard to get a hold of and isn't even in the US! That alone I hope no one else does either. Toia, thanks for your post along with everyone else. I'm glad to see everyone's head on their shoulders. Also, in my email they said there were giving money to 4 people world wide not 10. Farewell.

  12. I hope that you guys might have seen the Dateline show that csme out a few months ago about another similar situation, they are all scams. I got a few others…about a soldier who had gone awall after the Sadam raid and that they had stashed a few milllion dollars in Iraq, about a USA couple who had also won the powerball lotto, a chinese banker who had a deceased cliet with no relatives and to pass myself off as a long lost hier, etc. I emailed them back to send it to my paypal account since it doesn’t require any personal info to be given out to pass over the funds, BUT I NEVER GOT A REPLY FROM THEM EVER AGAIN. I guess they didn’t realize that people are actually smarter than them, especially if you watch documentaries. Sorry for those of you that are innocently caught up in these BAITERS, as Dr. Phil calls them.

  13. This is terrible. I received the same email. I responded with "I know this is a scam and I have turned it over to the Authorities". Amazing I never heard from them again. God Bless all of you that have lost money to these idiots. I will be praying for you.

    1. BBC News
      I suggest for everybody go and clean most beautyful country-INDIA…when you win those money…streets, buses, bus stations…

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