Dave & Angela Dawes

Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2011 1:56 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:

British one Pound coin (reverse), depicting th...

Subject: Grant Donation To You!!

My wife and I won one of Britain’s biggest of £101 Million
British Pounds and we have decided to donate to the less privileged
and charity projects all over the world, and make at least 20 people

To verify, see our interview by visiting the web page below.

Your address was among the emails which was submitted to by
the google inc. as a web user, to be one of our beneficiaries,kindly
send us the below details so that we can issue a valid cheque for
£1,500,000.00 pounds in your name or direct our to effect the
transfer of the funds.
*Full Name:
*Telephone Number:
Send your response to DaveAngelaDawes@gmx.com

Best Regards,
Dave & Angela Dawes

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  1. I just got one today, what a bunch of crap. If i won that much money and wanted to donate it theres no way I would over the internet anyways!

  2. Hi is Dave and Angela, This explains the 1.5 million pounds about Two million US dollars we are giving you. My wife & I did win the biggest Euro Millions, As a give back to community project we are donating 1.5 million pounds to five persons and ten Charitable trust homes. You where chosen by help of website involved in cash promotion. To know our gift is real be free to reach us on phone: 352-578-1472 or watch our interview on; http://www.goo.gl/MU7yU

    Our bank will mail you a draft of the amount; email us your name, address, reconfirm your phone#

    A day back a recipient of our cash donation from Uta (US) sent us a heart touching email. She wrote “Hello Dave and Angela am Katie Williams i just received the cash, I thought it was a scam when i got your message am so happy i gave it a try thank you I will always pray for you”. We have assisted the local fire department, Red Cross, Hospitals, and NGOs for cancer awareness.


    This is the new email that was sent to me July 17,2013

  3. To whom it may concern,

    My wife and I won the biggest Euro Millions lottery prize of
    £101,203,600.70 GBP and we just commenced our Charity Donation and 2013
    promotional program.we will be giving out a cash donation of
    £1,500,000.00 GBP to five(5)lucky individuals and ten(10)charity
    organizations from any part of the world.

    To verify the genuineness of this email and our winnings, please see our
    interview by visiting the webpage below;

    Your email address was submitted to my wife and I by the Google Management
    Team and you received this email because we have listed you as one of the
    lucky millionaires.NOTE; Your email is your online automatic ticket that
    qualified you for this draw, no tickets were sold. Kindly send us the
    below details so that we can direct our Bank to effect a valid Bank Draft
    in your name to your operational bank account in your country.

    * NAME:
    * Last Name:
    * SEX:
    * ADDRESS:
    * CITY:
    * STATE:
    * COUNTRY:
    * FAX:
    Congratulations and Happy Celebrations in Advance,
    Dave & Angela Dawes
    Email: daveandangeladawesdonation0@gmail.com

    Dave Dawes.

    Scam is still going, this email was received today, 01.08.2013. Will they ever stop?!?

  4. I got one too. It said "I have been trying to reach you". So I Googled their names, and sent an email that said who is this? Of course no response! There is attached a email address, wish I knew which agency to turn this people into for this garbage,

  5. I just got this in a text to my phone and it said to email them … how crazy that people really try this shit !

  6. hello this is 11/ 08/2013…just got this scam letter at 4:30 pm. seen all this crap before..like a Plague they just keep on comming..several months ago got one from 1 really old guy (supposedly) from the U.K. an his Wife was already dead…they all have one thing in common all use “Temporary-disposalabl” e-mail addresses..this is a clue of their CRAPPY LIES…!

  7. You need to be careful of these type of scams. Must of them originate in Nigeria. The UK government released data showing that in 2012 more people than usual were taken-in by online scams because they are becoming more sophisticated these days. There are some cool stories about lottery scams and also weird lotto stories that are worth a read at http://www.lotterypick.org.

  8. I got one those too. Thanks for letting me, because i was about to fall it. I reply back and they send the email in less than 2 seconds. Thats how thirsty they are. I going to delete the whole scammed massage.

  9. i received an email from them a wk ago saying i was chosen as a beneficiary an i can get such a such a money from them in 2-3 business day here read it

    Dear Beneficiary ,

    My wife and I are very happy to hear from you because we believe this is a life time opportunity for you and your family, which was why we had to make sure
    our interview is put on the Internet for the world to see and we have also attached our real pictures to this mail to definitely prove to you that you are in
    the right hands.

    We plan to take care of the needs of our immediate family members and make some of our friends millionaires because we believe in making others comfortable
    and happy like us.My wife and I have assist the local fire department, the Red Cross,Haiti, some hospitals majorly involved in cancer treatment, and some
    other charity organizations in Africa, Asia and Europe that fight cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes.

    However, since we won the Euro Millions Lottery, my wife and I have been investing ahead of the future, as we just bought some houses in London,
    Portugal. We
    are on vacation in Argentina.Your donated funds of (£1,500,000.00 GBP) is in ( Bank of East Asia,Manchester Branch) PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS!

    One amazing incident happened this morning because I got an email from one of the beneficiaries who lives in Cyprus, Mr kostas, thanking my wife and I for
    the cash donation to him and his family.This kind of emails we receive from our beneficiaries gives my wife and I much joy and we are really happy for you, being one of our beneficiaries.

    Mr Kostas told us that he received his own funds, though he was a little scared and afraid as a result of different scams going on in the
    internet today, but he made up his mind, he trusted us and he followed the bank's instructions, which facilitated to the safe transfer of the
    funds which we donated to him and his family.

    I have submitted your Name, Email Address and your Mobile Number to our pay-out bank( Bank of East Asia,Manchester Branch)and the bank's funds transfer department will send you an email to facilitate the disbursement process of the funds £1,500,000.00 GBP which was donated to you.

    My wife and I humbly urge you to cooperate with our payout (Bank of East Asia,Manchester Branch ) in other to enhance a smooth and successful transfer of the funds which we donated to you because you are our only beneficiary who has not yet received his donation money.We are very happy and proud to help you and your family and we also suggest that you may also get in touch with the bank on details below for the disbursement of your funds.

    Account officer name is; Mr.Mak Chi-kwong, John

    The Bank of East Asia,
    3-5 Charlotte Street
    Manchester M1 4HB.
    Email: info@bea.ungrp.com
    Contact Mr.Mak Chi-kwong, John.
    Tel: +447024017996
    Fax: +447045410290

    We just sent you some of our recent photos … feel free to look at them.
    We love you and your family.

    Kind Regards,
    Dave Dawes.


  11. I got and e-mail from them today saying they were trying to reach me. I responded why. They responded with the same crap and even attached a link for the actual news story off them winning the lotto. This happened 2 years ago. I don’t think they are who they really say they are and they are looking for a way to steal identity. I told them that I refuse to give my info but they could send my money through Western Union!

  12. Please folks I am working with one FBI agent out of Detroit there is 8 and they can not keep up with these SCAMS can you believe about a $100 MILLION A month goes out of our country on these SCAMS.Lots of older folks getting hit hard too. So if you have grandmaw and grandpaw advise them.I have to admit they are looking very real with there back up stuff but why not look what they are taking in. State side always contact your Attorney General,Licensing and Regulations,Consumers Protection Division,even the BBB. in your State.But as I learned fast,I send them one of my checks and boy you never want one of mine,I only bounce about 6 a month.That shuts them off fast,try it some time or give them your attorneys phone number as he handles all your finances,that will work too.

  13. So glad I read all of these comments before I ventured any further in this endeavor. What a shame, that people feel the need to scam innocent people.

  14. I sent them all false information just to mess with them….lol you would have to be a complete moron to believe this crap!

  15. I got one today and was actually a victim of another one in arizona and i followed through with it and my name and credit are ruined now because of these assholes.I emplore everyone one to contact google and make them aware of this scam and have these people removed from gmail.

  16. i knew it wasnt real at all but i came onto this site because i just received an email from them yesterday. i became curious today and decided to look it up… its a shame that people scam other people. i mean there are alot of people like me who really need the money ….. a$$ho/es smh

  17. Yes I got the same email with photos of Mr Dave and Agelica Dawes. and the person who ia calling me and asking me 530 USD to send it to him is Mr Karl Busquin from Citi Bank Plc UK.

  18. I'd like to add my name to the list of people who just received this email. I'm in Australia and have received similar lottery winner giveaways from people like them, including one couple who each time they write to me, have a different email address. These scammers never give up and are a waste of time and space.

  19. Well they must be constantly changing their approach because they now use the Bar Bishop Martins Attorney at Law in order to make it more believable. But you can now open a bank account (3) if you choose with only $50.00 in it. This way you are not taken aback any money. So if you only have $50.00 in it then what are they going to take. Polishing up their act will make them more believable to others. What to do??What to do??

  20. I just got one too.. 2day Halloween.. I know what to do thanks so much.. 10-31-2013.. Houston Texas somebody needs to do something about this…

  21. I also received this email and I said this:
    "I do not have a bank account but you can send me a donation through Western Union."

  22. Dont send another email to my brother you scaming motherfucking im going to turn yall asses in the government, just try me you asshole!!!11

  23. I just received one of these, I was going to send some money so I could get the 1,000,000 dollar check. I wanted to be really sure before I sent my money.

  24. Angela & Dave Foundation
    Nov 25 at 10:48 PM

    What is happening? My husband wants to know if you have received your ATM debit card?

    Please reply today.

    Thank you.

    Mrs. Angela Dawes

  25. I got an email today promising me and my community 1.5 million£. I gave them my info, oh oh, but no bank account numbers or anything of that nature. It's too bad there are people out there who prey on the less fortunate and you their poverty against them.

  26. I got one of these as well. These scam emails can be funny. I collect them. Considering how many flood my inbox, if they were real, I'd be the richest person on the planet.

  27. I got one today as well… i looked up where they are a scam and sent them the link to it …. told them to shove it ….. hahahha

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